lunes, 4 de julio de 2011

The beautiful Salta

Known as "Salta la linda" (the beautiful Salta)
A modern yet colonial city.
Hometown  of General Guemes (8/2/1785 - 17/6/1821), who rejected the realistic invations (from Spanish) to the provinces of Salta and Jujuy in the early stages of the Argentinian independence revolutions . 
Down its narrow streets, with the high curves of the Andes as backsground, one can see colonial chapels and houses made of daub from which you expect a colonial character, in colonial clothes to walk out.
On the sides of the main square (9 de Julio), lies the town council, now turned into a museum, and right across the street, the Cathedral. 
The whole picture is completed by a few modern buildings, banks, bars, ice-cream shops, museums, playgrounds, markets, tour agencies, turists and ... some more turists; young and old, of all kinds, from everywhere. 
Down one of the city's modern pedestrian walkways, 

you reach the fruit market, where, together with beautiful handmade woollen clothes, you can find all sort of spices, sweets, wines, flavored cheese and other deli products. Delicious treats for those who enjoy tradicional food. 
If you want to see the town from a privileged spot, you only have to reach the top of the San Antonio hill by cable car. 
Lastly, a tour by "El tren de las nubes" (the clouds train), promises fun  and excitement at 4000km high. 
By Arnaldo Zarza                            Translated by Cecilia Garcia.

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  1. Pero que excelente traduccion! :D
    Tengo pendiente el viajecito a Salta ahora!

  2. Muy lindas fotos!!! :)

  3. Lo tradujo mi profesora.